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Theological Reflection
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Passes checker test Alberione Sahitya Sangeet Academy
Welcome to Alberione Sahitya Sangeet Academy. A website for the Brothers and Sisters of Pauline Family to develop their talents and use them in their apostolate of preaching the Good News of Jesus to the world of today.

Passes checker test ASSA
ASSA (Alberione Sahitya Sangeet Academy) established in honor of James Alberione, the founder of the Pauline Family who streaked across the horizon of mass media like a meteor, blazing an amazing trail, during the last century. It has rendered a great service especially to the youth by encouraging them to discover and develop their talents in the field of literature and music.

Passes checker test Pauline Family Pictures
Welcome to view the pictures of Pauline Family. The picutres of the Silver Jubilee celebration of our Provincial Fr Devassy Athalathil and General Councilor Fr Jose Pottayil brings the event afresh and makes it apt.

Passes checker test Inspirational Quote
Welcome to Inspirational Quote. A Website of gems of wisdom, Anecdotes, Poems collected and edited by the Brothers of the Pauline Family. You too can contribute and share the richness of this website.

Passes checker test Fr Vincent Carmel ssp
I belong to St Pauls Society. Since 1999 I am in Assam involved in the distribution of good literature, conducting programmes in Media awareness, self-help courses to students and leadership seminars to teachers.

Passes checker test St Pauls & Myself
Welcome to join in as a member of 'St Pauls and myself'. A Website that offers life and mission of the Brothers and Priests of St Pauls in general and Brother Arockiam in particular.

Passes checker test Fr Philip Muthukulam ssp
Rev. Fr Philip Muthkulam ssp is a well known priest in India for his writings on various themes. He was the editor of the Sunday Liturgy A Liturgical Animation Quaterly in Allahabad, India. At Present he is the animator of the community of Pauline Brothers in Bangalore. You are welcome to read his poems.

Passes checker test Fr. Thomas Muthirakalayil ssp
Called to be an apostle to communicate Christ and His Gospel through the Mass Media, after the example of St Paul and as visualized by our Founder Blessed James Alberione, I welcome you to share my experiences of the love of God in my life.

Passes checker test Father Jose Paul ssp
Father Jose Paul is a Religious Priest in the congregation of St Paul, residing at Allahabad community. He is the superior of this community for the last six years. Born on 2nd August, 1951 at Thavalappara, Ernakulam District, Kerala, India he joined in the St Pauls on 16th July, 1971 and ordained 19th December, 1981. You are welcome to know more about him.

Passes checker test Francis Dalmet ssp
I am a Religious Priest in the congregation of the Society of St Paul. At present I am the in-charge of the community of Pune. You are welcome to know more about me through this website.

Passes checker test Brother Arockiam ssp
I am a Religious Brother in the congregation of STPAULS. This website is in loving gratitude to God and my dear ones for helping me to be in service of others.

Passes checker test Ankur
Ankur is a medium for creative expression of thoughts and artistic talents; a launch pad for new visions for the mission ahead to assess the Pauline Charism. The great event of the beatification of Fr Alberione is a time for the Pauline Family to rise from the slumbers of disinterestedness and passivity and salute a challenging future with vibrant visions.

Passes checker test Pauline Brothers and Sisters
Congregations of Pauline Brothers and Sisters founded by Blessed Alberione are Pontifical Religious congregations of Sisters, Brothers and Priests. Their mission is the sanctification of their members by the observance of the evangelical counsels of Poverty, Chastity, Obedience and by evangelising the human race through the media of social communications.

Passes checker test The Sunday Liturgy
Welcome to the Sunday Liturgy: A Liturigical Animation website. It offers Readings, Prayers, Homilies for a meaningful and Active Celebration of the Eucharistic celebration the bedrock foundation for the Pauline Brothers and Sisters. They are born of the Eucharistic Lord and spread His Good News to the world of today.

Passes checker test Brother Jesudass ssp
It is a site that offers the story of my life, expresses my thoughts, ideas and social work that I render to the people of North East India.