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Theological Reflection
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St Paul alive

If St Paul alive Today!


I cant forget the train journey and my encounter with a stranger on this journey. I have to acknowledge his simplicity, love for people, search for knowledge and regard for values he displayed in his attitude. Curiosity and eagerness were mainfest on his illumined face.

On that day my co-travellers a businessman, a lawyer and a government officialshowered abusive words on him. I too was tempted to join in the amusement to get entertained by his reaction. To my surprise he kept calm.

At the station the businessman was calling out for a coolie. The stranger approached him, " I shall help you my firend," he said. The businessman was suspicious.

The stranger spoke again, "I have only one life to serve you friend." The man fell at his feet.

I enquired of the Muslim who greeted the stranger on the platform regarding his whereabouts. With awe and enthusiasm he remarked:

Moral Television, (for charity and social service), The Better Yourself Movies, School of Journalism for Mankind (trains young people to work for justice, peace and social upliftment) are his eterprises. SJM News Paper  is the pioneer in revival. The Secular Co-operative Wing and Universal Spirituality Centre are his new foundations... He is the Messiah of our times....

My heart was pulsativng with emotions of service, humitlity, love, tolerance, simplicity and devotion. I decided that I must meet him. I decided to pursue his noble mission.

I met the stranger and expressed my desire vehemently. He smiled and said, "Never." He understood my disappointment. He spoke again, "I am doing Christ's work. Come." My joy know no bounds.

I saw the stranger absorbed in work. His dynamism, zeal and conviction kept me under his spell. He was replying emails, giving directions, establishing relationships etc.

He had tremendous faith in God. He said that he obeyed his Master and he guided his people. Thus the mission is carried out through them. His vision is to reach the commuist world while nourishing the faith of the Church.

He wrote to his people, "Our whole being should preach today. The tongue is helpless if the body is unwilling. Put on Christ, and let your actions substantiate the dogmas." He wrote to the communities, " Let the risen Christ initiate and inspire you to cultivate a global vision and local mission. Our mission is of relationship."

To those who run bookshops he advised: "Let us leave counter (cash) service to the people's care and pick up the threads of customer service. Let them experience Christ through us."

To the electronic media he said, "Test every item, to see whether it pleases Christ. If the test is positive diffuse them to the people."

He addressed the secular institutes. "Let us make sure our decisions bring about human formation and world peace. Our actions should never vitiate morals and spirituality, for god is supreme."

Dear 4th estate, "The axis of the world is on you. Tune it to dethrone the evils to bring up a new civilization."

He invited the different religions to bring together the message of sacred scriptures for setting up a new purity-culture and an era of peace and unity.
He always treated me lovingly, yet I didn't enquire of his identity. today it is revealed to me that he is Paul of Tarsus.

It is crystal clear that he is in India to serve Christ by giving Gospel values to this county. He is appointed to spread the culture and spiritual traditions of India in the western world.
He realized the power off media to treat people alike. So he decided to exploit media to win all sections of the society. He wants to conquer the world with love. "I want that you too must strive to imitate Christ" he said and embraced me.  
-by John Manimala